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Festival "2016 Sviazhsky ear " will be held September 3

State Historical - Architectural and Art Museum " Island - town Sviyazhsk " and the center of historical fencing and reconstruction " Sulitsa " September 3, 2016 at 14:00 inviting all lovers of good food and , at the same time , have a good and fun time on one of our favorite holidays - the gastronomic festival " Sviyazhskaya uha- 2016 " . Why is this dish was the culprit so bright celebration ?

Now we will tell you about : One of the major and most popular crafts in the island Sviyazhsk since its formation has been fishing. Since the XVI century, this activity was considered one of the most profitable among the island's residents. Most often, a network of local fishermen were filled with bream - that this fish has become a symbol of the island and was honored to become a part of the coat of arms of Sviyazhsk .

As we can see , fishing has been and remains to this day an important part of the life of the local population. The value was so great that during the fish spawning on the river in the city did not ring any bell.

Until now, and in the warm and cold seasons , driving past " fish places " , you can see a lot of fishermen along the coast , by boat , or on ice - in winter.

It is not surprising that from ancient times on the island passed the secrets of cooking fragrant dishes - soup from the veteran to the younger generation .

We offer you not only to visit the delicious festival, but also to become its members, cooks, tasters and just active spectators! The program is a gastronomic festival "Sviyazhskaya ear-2016":

Complex historical reconstruction "Lazy Torzhok" from 14.00 to 17.00

- Team competition for cooking the most delicious fish soup at its original recipe.

- The competition for high-speed razdelyvanie fish.

- Culinary competitions for speed, agility and skill.

- Competition for the best design of fish dishes.

- Children's contest "Be caught, fish, big and small."

Throughout the time for you to run various workshops and interactive platform : smithy, pottery , archery , crossbow shooting , throwing axes and Sulitsa , Craft Fair , armory workshop. 17.00-17.30 Solemn procession on the street. Assumption with cooked masterpiece ( we are sure of this ) dishes ! Go will have fun - with songs, dances and jokes, rhymes .

Courtyard of the Museum of History of Sviyazhsk 17.30-19.00 tasting soup participants. Interactive games for all participants and guests.

Master class on watercolor painting competition for children and the best drawing on the theme of water world, fish and mermaids. Summing up the results of all competitions and award ceremony.

19.00-20.30 Concert of folk-rock band "Bear's Corner".

20.30 Magic light show by the group "genasi."

Conditions of participation:

1.Komanda from 2-5 people.

2.Nalichie very tasty recipe.

3. Fish, pot and ladle provide the organizers with the activities.

4. All the necessary ingredients are included (including secret).

When the application for the contest , you must fill out a form :

1.FIO participants.

2.Vozrast participants.

3. Specify any of you city .

Attention! The number of teams is limited! Total accept to participate in the competition to 10 teams .

Date of the event: 3 September 2016.

Place: Republic of Tatarstan, Zelenodolsk district,. Sviyazhsk.

Tickets: adults - 350 rubles, grace (pensioners, students and school children) - 300 rubles. The ticket price for the event on an organized bus route Kazan-Sviyazhsk Kazan: adult - 850 rubles, grace (pensioners, students and school children) - 800 rubles. For children up to 7 years pay only for transportation - 500 rubles.

Place of departure of the bus: Playground between the Central Department Store and the Palais des Sports. Departure time from Kazan: 13.00. Departure time from Sviyazhsk: 21.00.

Contact : 89172656547 , 89870631364 , 89061108720 .

Website :

Meeting in touch :

Group contact : ( Museum-Reserve ) .

Group contact :КИР « Lazy Torzhok " ) El. mail :


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