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September 10 - Festival of Orthodox Culture Kryashens "Verbitsy garden"

September 10 at Sviyazhsk held the 1st Republican festival of Orthodox culture Kryashens "Bәrmәnchek bakchasy" - "Verbitsy garden." The festival will be dedicated to the Orthodox art Kryashens and will be held in celebration of the 180th anniversary of the first Kryashen priest Basil Timofeev - educator, teacher, head of the Central baptized Tatar school. The founders of the festival are the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan; Tatarstan archdiocese; State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum "Island-town Sviyazhsk"; State Folk Ensemble Kryashens "Bermyanchek"; Public Kryashens the Republic of Tatarstan. The organizers of the festival-contest became State Folk Ensemble Kryashens "Bermyanchek"; Kryashen spiritual mission Tatarstan archdiocese. Participation in the festival will Kryashen musical groups temples Kryashen villages from all over Tatarstan; institutions of further education of the RT; secondary schools, secondary and higher professional educational institutions of RT; RT cultural institutions. More information about this event can be found on the website of Tatarstan archdiocese:


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