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10 - 18 of September. European Heritage Days in Sviyazhsk

10, 11, 17 and 18 September the Museum-Reserve "The Island of Sviyazhsk" offers special excursions to the format of the European Heritage Days - the international event, which brings together countries that have signed the European Cultural Convention. The campaign is held every year on the weekend of September. At this time, open the historic buildings which are normally closed to the public, are presented to new cultural program, hosts exhibitions, conferences, tours, concerts and other events at a reduced price or for free. The objectives of the European Heritage Days is to expand the knowledge of citizens about the richness and diversity of cultures, the development of people's understanding of the value of heritage and the need for its conservation. Since 1999, the European Heritage Days have a permanent slogan: "Europe - common heritage". In 2016, shares of the theme:. "Heritage and the community" In our country, the national coordinator of the European Heritage Days is the Russian Institute of Cultural and Natural Heritage. DS Likhachev (Heritage Institute). European Heritage Days program in Sviyazhsk: 10, 11, 17, 18 September (Saturday and Sunday) Excursions in Sviyazhsk for groups with free access to the exhibition Farid Gubaev "Sviyazhsk: it was long ago, it was recently ... Photos of the 1970s - 2000s." Visiting the exhibition will be an outstanding addition to sightseeing tours on Sviyazhsk. Comparing modern Sviyazhsk with views on the photos of the exhibition will allow a deeper understanding of the enormity of the changes of recent years, to assess the extent and results of operations for heritage restoration and revival of the island-town. September 17 (Saturday) Local history tour "Historical village Sviyazhsky County: Heritage destiny" During a trip through the ancient villages (Vvedenskaya Sloboda, Yumatovo, Isakovo) will be acquainted with interesting historic sites, which are not included in the usual sightseeing tours, wonderful cultural heritage XVIII-XIX centuries. - Russian monuments of Baroque and classicism, its history and current status. on a tour bus will depart from Kazan to 9.00, a meeting place in the area between the Central Department Store and the Sports Palace (Moskovskaya Str.). The journey 7 hours. September 18 (Sunday) Excursion "European styles in architecture of Sviyazhsk" Thematic historical and architectural tour of Sviyazhsk, specially designed for this program. The tour will provide an opportunity for a fresh look at Sviyazhsk, see its monuments in the context of European cultural heritage - baroque architecture, classicism, eclecticism. Tour starts at 12.00; duration of 1, 5 hours. Excursions September 17 and 18 free, organized by appointment only, please call: 8 (987) 003 07 47, 8 (917) 265 65 47, 8 (843) 713 89 73. Also in the program of events - a creative meeting with the photographer Farit Gubaev, Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, member of the Union of Photographers of Russia and Tatarstan Union of photographers. The meeting will be held in the exhibition hall of the "old water tower" where the exposition of works Farid Gubaeva "Sviyazhsk: it was long ago, it was recently ... Photos of the 1970s - 2000s." The date and time will be announced later.


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