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September 22 - the museum-education program "Remembering Aksakov"

On September 22 at 13.00 Museum-Reserve officers hold for Sviazhskys school museum and educational program "Introduction to Aksakov", dedicated to the 225th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Aksakov (1791 - 1859) - famous Russian writer, storyteller and master descriptions of nature, a lover of fish fishing and hunting.

Program will begin with the opening words of the ST Aksakov and watching a cartoon based on his famous fairy tale "The Scarlet Flower".

Then, the students will be divided into two age gruppy.Mladshie will go to children's leisure center "Fairy Tale", which will be in the form of a game to guess the tales of heroes from the characteristic attributes of the subjects, and the pictures illustrations and quotations from books Aksakov - learn fish, which he lovingly and carefully described. Together, the children will seek to "hide" in the exhibition scarlet flower.

Older students will be held in the Museum of the History of Sviyazhsk on "Aksakov lesson" during which learning about Sergei Aksakov stay in Kazan and the Kazan region, studying at high school and university, walks through the city gardens, the friendship with his friends. Listening to the memories of the writer about his journeys from Kazan in the family manor, students try to imagine if he could visit Sviyazhsk district.

Both groups will take part in a drawing contest on the fairy tale "The Scarlet Flower ".


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