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On March 11 at 12.00 in the exhibition hall "The Old Water Tower" the opening of the exhib

Gennady Fedorovich Sarandov (March 8, 1934 - July 1, 2003) is an adept master of art and decorative and applied works on birch bark and wood, graphic artist.

G.F. Sarandov was born in the village of Khuzangaevo (Sikhterma) of the Tatarstan Republic (Republic of Tatarstan). Since childhood he liked drawing, and this fascination became the meaning of his life. Due to circumstances, he did not receive professional education, but this did not stop him from becoming an artist and realizing his life's vocation, discover and develop natural abilities.

Since 1961, Sarandov lived in Siberia, there he began his creative activity, showed interest in folk art, determined the direction of creativity - graphics, sculpture, carving.

In 1976, Gennady Fedorovich returned to his homeland, in Tatarstan. He lived in Zelenodolsk, studied the folklore of the peoples of the Volga region, traditions and techniques of art crafts. It was during this period of creativity that the artist created his most significant works. In them, Sarandov turned to the subjects of history, legends, legends and tales, works of A.S. Pushkin, G. Tukay, etc. Many works are devoted to Sviyazhsk, represent its legendary images and realistic landscape views of the island-hail.

"The calling card" of the artist was the work with birch bark. He thoroughly studied the ancient secrets of processing and using this unique material, added his own finds to this knowledge, became a true master, was in constant artistic search. He did not leave graphics classes either.

Exhibitions of the works of Gennady Sarandov during his lifetime were held in Zelenodolsk, Volzhsk, Kazan. Currently, the artist's work is almost unknown, the name is undeservedly forgotten. The current exhibition in Sviyazhsk is intended to re-open the audience to this wonderful artist-master, to actualize his work in the modern cultural environment.

The exhibition presents about 70 exhibits (works on birch bark, wood, graphics) from the collection of the family of G.F. Sarandova.

The exhibition is open: 11 March - 16 April 2017 Exhibition Hall "The Old Water Tower" (Sviyazhsk, Christmas Lane) Working hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday, 10.00 - 17.00; Saturday, 10.00 - 18.00.


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