September 1 - the celebratory event will be held on the Day of Knowledge in Sviyazhsk Sviazhsky for school students

August 30, 2016


September 1 - the celebratory event will be held on the Day of Knowledge in Sviyazhsk Sviazhsky for school students.


The Day of Knowledge museum-reserve students invited Sviazhsky main secondary school in the museum and the holiday educational program. For younger students excursion-gaming activity will held at the Museum of the History of Sviyazhsk and children's leisure center "Fairy Tale": Young visitors will get acquainted with the history of Sviyazhsk, learn about the rapid construction of the castle-fortress of the city in a fairy-tale appearance "The Tale of Tsar Saltan" AS Pushkin, will learn to distinguish between the historical certain knowledge and literary fiction.

Pupils of middle and older age will go into the hall - class museums history of Sviyazhsk on interactive lesson " Lesson in Sviyazhsk Gymnasium " they will learn interesting facts about the history of education in Russia , about rules reception and behavior in schools, on school subjects , old spelling and much more. Also, students will make a museum " Walk " on Sviazhsky beginning of XX century , will try to make a purchase in the shop Agafonov , using knowledge obtained in the classroom .


During the school year the museum will cooperate with the school continue on the program " Lessons of history and culture in Sviyazhsk " regular planned museum and educational tours and activities in support academic subjects and for the organization of cognitive activities for children .

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Музей Гражданской войны; Музей художника Г. Архиреева; ВЦ «Старая водонапорная башня»; Художественная галерея; Здание пожарного обоза; 2, 3 и 4 корпуса Музея истории Свияжска, Центр детского досуга «Сказка» : Понедельник и вторник - выходной день

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