August 30 , the opening of the exhibition "September calls the school"

August 31, 2016

August 30 in the opening room of the Museum of History of Sviyazhsk opening of the exhibition " September calls the school " , devoted to the beginning of the school year .


Start of the school year , September - amazing time , when the anticipation of new discoveries in the world knowledge , new steps on the way of growing up , the joy of meeting and socializing with peers connected to the realization that the teaching - it is a considerable , prolonged labor and a serious responsibility .


September 1 - the Day of Knowledge, the Russian Federation, a national holiday, established in 1984, is still in the period of the Soviet Union; the beginning of the school year for the Russian schoolchildren, students, school teachers and teachers of other schools. And, of course, is a special day for the first-graders, the feast of the first call, the beginning of a very important period of life, exciting and memorable, often for life event.


The exhibition presents materials from the collections of the Museum-Reserve "The Island of Sviyazhsk," linked with the history of the school.

Among the exhibits you can see documents of the beginning of XX century about Sviyazhsk graduation , girl's poetry album , writing materials . Demonstrates educational publications used by children, parents and teachers in the past, as well as books for cognitive reading; publication dedicated to children's leisure , developmental classes .


Many cultural and historical significance to promote knowledge among children was ten- edition of the Association ID Sytina - " Children's Encyclopedia " (1913-1914 gg.) . The basis of the " Children's Encyclopedia " put a popular English version of the same name , but it has been revised and updated by Russian scientists , in relation to life , nature , culture of Russia .


Congratulations on the upcoming start of the school year, all students and teachers who wish to progress in the teaching !​

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