In the Museum-Reserve "The Island of Sviyazhsk" launched a socio-cultural project "Sviyaga - flowing water"

February 17, 2017


In 2016 the project "Sviyaga - Flowing Water" was presented at the contest of social and cultural projects of PJSC "LUKOIL" (organized and conducted by the Charitable Fund "LUKOIL" and JSC "RITEK" - now the group "LUKOIL") has received grant support in the nomination " Ecology".


The project aims at the cultural and historical study and presentation Sviyagi; will boost the region's tourism. The project includes:


- The exhibition "Sviyaga - flowing water," in which structure will create an interactive multimedia resource map "Cultural, historical and natural landscape topography Sviyagi";


- Conducting a comprehensive expedition on the banks Sviyaga (within Tatarstan) to identify and photographic images of various objects of natural, cultural and economic heritage, attractions, species landscapes - potential places of tourist activity,

environmental, ethnographic, agriculture, water, road, cycling, recreation 'output day ", etc .;


- The formation of policy proposals for the administrations of municipalities and travel agencies for visual information marking territory and development stages;


- Organization of cultural and educational events.

Welcome to the project stakeholder partnership and collaboration, organizations and institutions!

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